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Dear friend, My name is Peter Fan, and I've been in the traffic industry since 2013.

My traffic has served over 2,100 clients (and counting) and helped them secure a spot in their leaderboards.

I’ve helped many clients get their first sale online, and many more sales after that.

It’s a very easy process, but a lot of new marketers are making mistakes that’s preventing them from getting the results they’re looking for.

Get rid of those mistakes and you can almost guarantee your own success!

Please read this letter very carefully IF...

...you’re new to solo ads traffic..

..or you’re looking for traffic but not sure what to prepare beforehand..

..or you’ve bought traffic before but had bad results..

..and especially if you’re interested in getting CONSISTENT and PROFITABLE results!

“I was new.. my mistake would’ve costed me a lot of money if Peter wasn’t my Solo Ad provider..”

Eryn Hubbard - Washington, USA (1.17secs onwards)

Many new online marketers are buying solo traffic the wrong way.

They don’t come prepared - thinking that just getting traffic to an offer is all there is to it.

They don’t know basic traffic buying principles - making them lose money instead, instead of profiting!

And profiting is the main goal when you buy any kind of traffic, and I’ll show you how.

But here’s their biggest mistake: Expecting unrealistic results.

If you’re like that, I hate to break it to you..

You’re only gonna be disappointed.

No, you won’t get rich overnight, you won’t get to quit your job immediately, you most definitely won’t achieve the coveted ‘financial freedom’ status just by buying a traffic package.

 However.. There IS a Way to Get Results..

Guaranteed results

...Results that will get you on the right path towards your dream goals.

...Results that will light the path towards your income goal..

...Results that will soon get you to your goal of financial freedom..

And I’ll reveal how below.

By the way, this is Eryn now after choosing me as his traffic provider to help his business:

 “Last Order made me almost $1,100 just from OTO and another $600 today!”

Eyrn Hubbard a.k.a. "The Bowtie Guy"!

“I've Done SoloAds In The Pass, And Peter is By Far The BEST Traffic Provider I've Ever Worked With!”

Laura Ashley Wales - Australia

You MUST Avoid These Success-Killing Mistakes!

Results you should be looking for are consistent opt-in rates and a positive return-on-investments (ROI).

 Mistake #1 - Not Capturing Leads 

The most common mistake new marketers make is not capturing the leads from the traffic source.

You must always capture the leads! The reason to capture leads is so that you can contact them again about an offer they’re already interested in.

When someone opts into your page, it means that you have some information they wanna know.

They give their email in exchange for the information you have for them.

You store them in your preferred auto-responder (I highly recommend Aweber) so you can notify them on a later date about your offer, or any other offers you have.

You do this by creating an opt-in page (a.k.a capture page or squeeze page).

There are various capture page creators out there in the market.

I personally use and recommend Clickfunnel, also Instabuilder V2.0.

But having a capture page isn’t the solution, it’s what’s on the capture page. 

Designing a bad capture page can actually drive people away!

There’s a certain method to creating the perfect, high-converting capture page - it’s the difference between a low 15-20% opt-in rate and a healthy, industry-standard of 35%-45% opt-in rate.

(Don’t worry, I can help.)

“Peter Helped Me A Lot On My Capture Page, It Was Almost TOO MUCH!”

François Bambuck - Australia

 Mistake #2 - Not Engaging Leads 

Another common mistake that even experience marketers make is NOT engaging your leads after capturing them.

A lot of your subscribers are already interested in what you have to offer - which is why they opt-in to your page in the first place - but they just need a little bit more “push” to get them to make the sale.

You need to reassure your leads about what your offer can do and how it can help them. Usually they need more proof or a better explanation of your offer.

Remember: Why would someone buy something if they don’t understand what it can do for them?

Talk about the benefits of having your offer - how can it solve their problem. You do this by writing follow-up emails in your autoresponder.

The purpose of these emails is to further entice your prospects.

Educate them.. explain to them.. and make it clear to them why your offer is the solution they’re looking for.

Tip: One of the reasons why many prospects hesitate to join a program is because they’re worried they’re gonna be alone.

By engaging them via emails, you solve this problem.

They’ll start trusting you, which will eventually lead to a sale!

Smart marketers solve this problem by writing a follow-up sequence for their capture leads.

The ones who can’t write usually hire copywriters to do the job for them.

Here’s what Perry Marshall, author of the popular book 80/20 Sales & Marketing, said about copywriters: “..great copywriting can make or break a business. Give me a so-so product with the world’s best copywriter, and I will sell millions of dollars’ worth of the product. Give me a great product and a bad copywriter, and the company may go bankrupt.”

Consider engaging a copywriter’s services for your business.

“Peter Is Extremely Easy To Access, and His Leads Are Very Responsive, My Email Open Rate Has Never Been This High With The Other Vendors!”

PJ Zafra - California, USA

 Mistake #3 - Not Tracking 

Tracking is one of the most important parts of a business.

Without tracking, how can you know if your efforts are making you a profit or causing you a loss?

With tracking, you can know for sure that you are having a positive ROI or not.. and once you do, all you have to do is scale it up!

Let’s say you’ve setup all of your tracking and you wanna buy a package from me.

After purchase, you see that you are in a great 40% profit - and you wouldn’t know this number without tracking!

Now let’s say you bought 500 clicks and your profit is $200 after the purchase..

Then you scale up by getting 5,000 clicks instead - which will increase your profit to $2,000!

The important thing to remember here is that to succeed in your business you need to have consistent results and profitable ROI.

You can achieve that by having a capture page, a well-written follow-up email sequence and a good tracking system (I recommend ClickMagick).

Listen to what Angelica achieved after I’ve helped her solve her mistakes!

 “Bought 500 clicks.. got 2 sales and 1 upsell”
Angelica Cabahug - Tsawwassen, Canada

 This is the kind of result you should be getting when buying traffic!

You Need More Than Traffic..

You Need a SOLUTION!

There’s a few reasons why my traffic is the #1 source for many networking leaders.

I’ve been helping and guiding them, and many of their affiliates, to get into their company’s Top 10 leaderboards .

I’ve helped countless beginners make their first ever sale online.. many of them made high-ticket sales.

I’ve increased conversions for more advanced marketers, further increasing their profit margins and ROIs.

You see, when you buy my traffic you’re not just getting clicks..

You’re getting a business solution!

I’ll make sure your offer is fully optimized for highest conversion rates.. so you’ll have consistent results you can have again and again without fail.

That’s how I made thousands of clients into leaders!

And it’s pretty easy if you don’t make the mistakes I said above..

..and if you use my traffic. ;-)

 “Usually I Only Get Traffic From One Source, But I Was Absulotely Blown Away by Not Only The Quality Of The Traffic, but The Level Of His Service ... This Guy Really Goes ABOVE and BEYOND With His Customers.”
Ben Martin, Bahamas

 Presenting Your Business Solution!

 The Traffic

1. High Quality, Exceptionally Qualified Traffic 

90% of my traffic consists of opportunity seekers from Tier 1 countries.

Tier 1 countries are the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand and are considered to be the highest spending countries with good understanding of the English language.

The rest comes from other countries that have good command of English but are also highly interested in your offer.

“Peter Has "Buyer Hungry Traffic", Hands Down He's One Of The Best Vendors I've Even Worked With.”
Nick Stoicof - Colorado, USA

You can choose to have either 85% Tier 1 or 100% Tier 1 traffic sent to your offer.

The difference is that 100% Tier 1 traffic means you’ll have more “qualified” prospects to see your offer.

2. Unique List Nurturing 

I treat my list differently than others!

I’ve carefully nurtured my list to pay attention to my recommendations and advice.

What I say, they listen.

It’s how I’m able to make my clients multiple sales almost every time!

“Peter. Peter. Peter. I Have Run Out Of Words To Describe Your Traffic... It Just Buys EVERYTHING!”
Grigory Kononenko - Sydnet, Australia

“I've Got 2,000 Clicks A Month Recurring With Peter Now, And To Be Honest I WANT MORE!”
Jonas Lindgren- Sweden

3. Extremely Biz-Opp Friendly 

My list is always hungry for biz-opp offers!

They are interested to know ways to make a living online, just like you!

Right now, many are waiting patiently for my email about an offer recommendation.

The next offer can be yours!

4. Fresh & Active List 

Other vendors don’t refresh their traffic list as frequently as me.

I pride myself on how I keep my list fresh with new subscribers.

Having a fresh list keeps my traffic responsive and ready.

Almost no deadbeats will see your offer - they’re all deleted!

The Packages

Unsure which package is for you?

I’ll explain below.

All of my packages come with:

  • A completely FREE 30 minute 1-on-1 personal, uniquely customized coaching with me.

    On this call, I’ll give you proper marketing advice and insider’s tips to greatly improve the conversions of your offer.
  • My personal swipe file collection of my most converting emails.

    You’ll have this as a bonus you can use for your offer. I’ll teach you how to use it effectively in the free coaching call you’ll be getting.

“I Call Him... The Master Of Traffic..."
Maykel Peraza- United States

“I Pride Myself on Building Relationship and I Would Refer Peter Fan To Anyone Who's Looking For Reliable Traffic Vendor."
Susan Bachelder- Saskatchewan, Canada

100-200 Click Package Info:

If you’ve never bought traffic before, this is where you should start to get a ‘feel’ of how buying traffic works.

You’ll soon understand how basic online marketing principles are applied to your business.

This is to get your feet wet before playing with the ‘big boys’.

What You’ll Get:

  • FREE 30-min 1-on-1 coaching call with me.
  • My personal swipe file collection of my most converting emails.
  • Choice of 85% or 100% tier 1 traffic.

300-500 Click Package Info:

Packages starting from 300 is a much better way to test for your offer’s conversion.

You’ll have better data and stats to make a more concrete decision that your offer is converting or not, and should you scale up or test again.

I highly recommend new buyers to start with this.

What You’ll Get:

  • 1 fully optimized custom capture page for only $47

    (Usually $97 for non-buyers. Capture page is optimized to get you at least 40% opt-in rate or your money back)
  • FREE 30-min 1-on-1 coaching call with me.
  • My personal swipe file collection of my most converting emails.
  • Choice of 85% or 100% tier 1 traffic.

"I've Ordered 500 Clicks, and Peter Is Always There To Answer My Questions."
Yury Novitsky - USA

I've Order 300 Clicks From Peter, Made 5 Sales and $232.00 In Sales!"
Maurice Hamilton - USA

1000-2000 Click Package Info:

These packages are for those who are ready to ramp up their business to the next level.

Packages at this level will cause your mobile to ring non-stop with sales notifications.

Pick this when you’re ready to start waking up with a new sale every morning!

What You’ll Get:

  • 1 fully optimized custom capture page FREE
  • FREE 30-min 1-on-1 coaching call with me.
  • My personal swipe file collection of my most converting emails.
  • Choice of 85% or 100% tier 1 traffic.

"I've Made TONS of Sales From The 2,000 Clicks Traffic Package I Ordered From Peter! I'm VERY IMPRESSED."
Grigory Kononenko  - AUS

5000 - 10,000 Click Package Info:

This is the ‘big boys’ arena. This is where success truly begins.

Packages this huge are meant for clients who have a good grasp of their business, profiting well, and looking to blast their income level sky high.

This is where leaders are made.

This is where you land a spot in the Top 10 leaderboards.

What You’ll Get:

  • 2 fully optimized custom capture pages FREE

    (having two allows you to split test them.. test them and choose the one which has a better conversion rate - getting you even more profits!)
  • FREE 30-min 1-on-1 coaching call with me.
  • My personal swipe file collection of my most converting emails.
  • Choice of 85% or 100% tier 1 traffic.

"This Guy Is Nothing Short Of Amazing. I've Ordered Order Over 5,000 Clicks From Peter This Month and Made Over 46 Sales From My Last 3,000 Clicks Order!"
KJ Mayes  - United Kingdom

 Special Order Packages 

For advanced marketers, if you’re looking for more than 10,000 clicks for you own salesfunnle or for your team, please contact me first.

I also provide a monthly package service.

Your clicks will run on a set date every month continuously until you choose to stop.

This is the best package to have if you want to see your profits increase month after month.

Please contact me if you want to set this up.

The Guarantee

All of my packages come with the following guarantee:

  • You’ll receive 100% highly-interested opportunity seekers clicking on your offer.

    I purge deadbeats off my list frequently.

    Only those who are still actively looking for an opportunity will stay on my list.

    This ensures that only highly interested seekers will see your offer.
  • Packages will be delivered and completed within 7 days.

    I deliver my traffic with lightning speed.

    Other traffic vendors typically take 14 days to deliver a 1000-click order.

    I can finish that within 7 days, sometimes even faster.

    This allows you to get your stats and results faster.. and “money loves speed”!
  • Guaranteed 40% opt-in conversion rate, or your money back!**

    Having a consistent opt-in rate means you’ll have consistent results.

    Having consistent results means you can scale your marketing up and still get the same opt-in rate - leading to consistent profit and sales!

    **This only applies to capture pages that I create.**

    Please check the packages above.

"I've Bought Traffic From 5 Different Vendors, None Of Them Have Contacted Me Other Than Peter. While I Was STILL Waiting For Them, Peter Has Already Finished My Order!"
David Garn - USA

Due To Popular Demand

Here's What You Should Do Now

You need to book me now.

As you can see from my raving testimonials, I’m pretty much booked up most of the time.

But if you act quick, I can start your traffic in about 3 days instead of having to wait for weeks.

Just Getting Started?

Reason Why The 300 & 500 Clicks Packages Are Recommended For Starters Who Have Small Budgets

Because 100 or 200 clicks would simply leave you in the dark… unsure if your results are just a fluke. Since such a tiny sample size of clicks gives you no real idea whether your funnel is firing on all cylinders, or not.

In stark contrast... the 300-500 click starter package give you a much more accurate and precise test results, so you can act upon good information as you scale things up.

(Often times that feedback is, "Peter, We NEED more!")

 Let's Get The Ball Rolling! Select Your Solution Package Base On Your Budget and Needs Now.

Getting Traffic From Me Is EASY

Follow The Simple 3 Steps Process Below To Secure Your Traffic Order With Me Today!

Step 1: After Clicking Any One Of The Buttons Below, You'll Be Redirect to My Zaxxa Secure Check Out Page, Simply Enter Your Email Address And Click On "Secure Your Traffic Now"

Step 2: Login Into Your PayPal Account to Confirm Your Order

Step 3: That's It! After Confirming Your Order, You'll Be Rediected To The Page Above, Submit Your Detail Then Click On "Click Here To Continue", You'll Then Be Given Instructions On Exactly What To Do Next! :)

Peter! How Long Do I Have To Wait After Submitting The Traffic Order?

As I have mentioned above, after you have submitted your order, you'll be given detail instructions on exactly what to do next.

If for any reason you were not given any instructions, simply forward your invoice/receipt to support[a]PeterFan.com and I will be quick to reach out with further details on how to proceed setting up your traffic order!

The fastest way to get a response (usually within 24 hours, even on weekends) is by sending me a private message on Facebook.

Click Here To Order Your First Traffic Pack With Me

Team Up With The Best And Let Me Solve Your Problems!

IMPORTANT: You’re Now at a Crossroads And The Path You Take Next Will Determine Your Future.

 Path #1 

Ignore my solution and risk yourself spending money on questionable traffic.

Not many vendors provide value like me.

Not choosing my solutions also mean you’re not interested in my guidance to get you to profit!

If you rather ‘gamble’ your hard-earned money away and not try my proven business solutions, I understand.

But I’ll bet that you’ll come to me sooner or later.. ;-)

 Path #2 

Eradicate your business problems with my complete traffic solution.

  • No more wondering what will happen next..
  • No more frustrations about losing money and not understanding why..
  • No more ‘guessing games’ when buying traffic..
  • No more low conversion rates..

My traffic solutions have proven time and time again to create results for a majority of my clients.

If you are ready to see a huge improvement in your business, choose a package now (I recommend 300 + my squeeze page if you’re new) and let me guide you on the next steps.

Time For Real Results!

I’m very excited to see you get results from my traffic.

If you’re serious to succeed in your business, choose a package right now.

I’m ready to get you to the next level...

An exciting level you’ve never experienced before. 

To your massive paid traffic success,

Peter Fan - The Traffic Guy
Facebook: www.facebook.com/impeterfan
Email: support@PeterFan.com


Q: “Peter, I’ve never heard of you. How do I know you’re the real deal?”

A: Look at all my testimonial videos and see what they have to say about my services. Usually my name will be in a list of recommended traffic vendors. Ask your coach or Google me!

Q: “I’ve been scammed before by other vendors.. I’m worried.”

A: I understand that completely.. But listen, I have a reputation to uphold. My name is known almost everywhere. You can easily search me on Google or on FB. I care about my business and I do anything in my power to NOT give myself a bad name. If I were to scam you, I’ll lose my reputation! - and I do not want that.

Q: “Solos didn’t work for me! How do I know yours will?”

A: First, you need to make sure that you are not making the mistakes I’ve stated above. Please read them if you haven’t. If you still got bad results, the vendor’s list is probably stale, not nurtured right or just low-quality.. unlike mine. I won’t promise you that it will work for you.. but as you can see from my client testimonials, I’m confident you’ll see results you’ve never experienced before.

Q: What type of offers convert well to your traffic?

A: My list loves to invest their money in:

  • Make Money Online Products or Systems
  • Biz Opp Offers - MLM Offers -
  • Affiliate Offers in the "Make money online (MMO)" niche

And the list is in no particular order by the way.

In all my years doing IM, I've promoted to my list several of my own offers, affiliate offers, CPA offers and Biz Opp offers with amazing results.

So, if you want to promote any of the above, you’re more than welcome to buy some traffic from me.

Q: “I’m ready to buy! What do you need from me?”

A: Perfect! All I need from you is your tracking link to you capture page. If you do not know how to do this, I’ll teach you in our FREE 30-minute 1-1 coaching call. I’ll guide you step-by-step on what to do next and what you need to prepare.

Q: “Do you need my email swipe copy?”

A: Not really. I know how my list responds and they are familiar with how I write my emails to them. Using your copy will cause a certain disconnect and they will notice this because I didn’t write it. My traffic is full of very smart people (and happens to be hungry for your offer too!). However, I’m open to suggestions and will re-word your email swipe copy to fit my ‘voice’.

You're Probably Here Because... One Of Your Friends or Traffic Coaches Tell You If You Are Looking For The Best Quality Paid Traffic Service...
Go To Peter Fan!

Just Like All These Guys Below!

If You're Serious About Your Business, Then I'm Ready To Take You To The Next Level...

“I Have Done Soloads with the Other Vendors but Have Only Gotten Very Little Results and Was Reluctantdo to Another Soloads Again Because I Have Negative Results Before” - Seb Brantigan - USA

Still Reading? Check Out More Of What My Clients Have To Say About My Traffic!

“If You Don't Order Now, Someone Else Will. Because Peter's Traffic Is Just THAT GOOD!”
Johnathon Smith - USA

“I Hope You Have As Much As SEX With Peter!”
(Um.. Isn't It A Bit Inappropriate?)
Toby Harris - USA

“I Recommend You Dive Deep Into The Traffic He Unleashes... Your Wallet Will Thank You For It!”
James Canzanella (Product Launcher) - USA

“I'd Recommend Peter For Anyone Who is SERIOUS About Utilizing Paid Traffic, He Books Up FAST!”

Igor Finkel - Pennsylvania, USA

“I've Bought Over 20,000 Clicks From Peter Within The Last Few Months, Peter Has Given Me Sales Every Single Time!”

Jonas Lindgren - Sweden

I Treat My Clients Like My Friends...

That's Why Jonas Even Bought Me Dinner When I Visited Him In Sweden Last Year!

“It's HARD To Find Good SoloAds Vendons, and Peter Is The One You Should Stick With - No Questions!”

Eugene Collinger - USA

“Peter Is One Of The Guys That Can Unleash A Flood Of Traffic On Demand.

Zora Blume - Texas, USA

“Peter Is Helpful Friendly, and ALWAYS Willing Go That Extra Mile for His Clients.

Martin Platt - Brisbane, AUS

“Peter Is Genuine, Honest and Most Importantly He Delivers His Promises!.

Gerald Soh - Malaysia

“With Some Suggestions of Peter On My Squeeze Page, My Optin Rate Got Some Big Changes, Really Love His Service!

“I Have Bought At Least SIX Time From Peter and Each Time I'm Making SALES!
Nick Stoicof - Colorado, USA

I Know You LOVE Testimonials
Keep Scrolling Down! :)

At The Right Time
With The Right Person
Make The Right Choice

Do it alone…

Or have me by your side every step as your premium traffic provider.

I hope you’ll make the best choice for you and your family.

If you feel like your business could be way bigger and better… but you don’t know how to get there… let me lead you by the hand.

I will help you take control of your lead-gen… and ramp it up to amazing new levels.

Plus, I've taken all the risk away from you and it will make your 1st traffic pack totally risk-free. (Click Here To Order Now)

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